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Member Benefits


For the cost of one adjustment a month, you can hire the SDCA to promote and protect your profession.

Membership Discounts

SDCA members have access to a wide array of members only benefits including:


ROI: $1,500+
SDCA members have access to a wide array of members only benefits including:
• Significant Discounts on Disability Coverage
Standard 40 year old female $4,633.68
Standard 40 year old female SDCA $2,131.80
SAVINGS: $2,501.88
Standard 40 year old male $3,453.08
Standard 40 year old male SDCA $2,131.80
SAVINGS: $1,321.28
• Group Dental Plan
• 401K Investments
• AFLAC plans
• $39 Super Conference
• F4CP Membership – Free


The SDCA continues efforts in working with insurance companies, the Department of Labor and Division of Insurance to improve insurance coverage for the chiropractic profession and greater access to care.


The SDCA always delivers the latest in local, state, and regional chiropractic happenings. As a member, you will receive emails on a regular basis to keep you informed of what’s happening with our profession.




  • SDCA staff and volunteers make valuable contributions in supporting the associations overall mission of promoting and protecting the chiropractic profession. They provide leadership and professional expertise at the highest levels. They are responsible for identifying objectives, formulating strategy, directing programs and managing resources.
    Education programs are offered once a year at the annual Super Conference along with various opportunities throughout the year.LEGAL ACTION
    The SDCA continually monitors legal issues of importance to the profession. When necessary, the SDCA takes action to protect the interests of the practitioner.LEGISLATIVE ACTION & ADVOCACY
    ROI: $15,000+
    The SDCA has a full time lobbyist to pass legislation favorable to Chiropractors. Our lobbyist also monitors the legislative climate in South Dakota and represents your interests. Significant strides for the profession have been made through our effective legislative program.PR, MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT
    ROI: $5,000+
    SDCA develops PR materials and marketing tools to assist the doctor’s personal and practice success, at reduced or no cost. The SDCA will also post to your social media pages one time per day, five days a week with board approved social media content. Need a stock photo for your ads or presentations? The SDCA can also help with that!SDCA WEBSITE
    ROI: $1,500+
    The SDCA website is a comprehensive, highly functional site for your use and the use of your patients. The home page of is designed for viewing and use by both you the chiropractor and by your patients and the general public. For a full list of your member benefits, please visit the website.LIST SERVE MEMBERSHIP
    ROI: $600
    The SDCA list serve is a great tool for communication between members. It is a great resource for you and your staff for any questions you may have, or to disseminate information on current events, articles, etc.CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT TRAINING
    ROI: $300+
    20-hour and 4-hour online chiropractic assistant training that meets all of the South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners requirements.
  • CHAPLAIN SERVICES – contact for this service
  • That’s easily over $10,000 in services and savings a year. Your investment in the SDCA will allow us to continue to Promote and Protect the practice of chiropractic and provide choice in health care in South Dakota.SDCA Contact Information:
    Address: PO Box 2110,
    Rapid City, SD 57709
    Phone: 605-791-0770
    Fax: 605-791-2137
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