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Member Benefits


For the cost of one adjustment a month, you can hire the SDCA to promote and protect your profession.

Membership Discounts

SDCA members have access to a wide array of members only benefits including:

  • $39.00 registration fee for Super Conference
  • Significant discounts on disability coverage
  • Standard 40 year old female $4,633.68
  • Standard 40 year old female SDCA $2,131.80
  • Standard 40 year old male $3,453.08
  • Standard 40 year old male SDCA $2,131.80
  • Group dental plan
  • Voluntary Life Insurance Plans
  • 401K investments
  • AFLAC plans
  • Much more!

Continuously Working to Develop
Better Insurance Equality Laws

Your SDCA continues aggressive efforts in working with insurance companies, the Department of Labor, Division of Insurance and state and national legislative representatives to improve insurance coverage for the chiropractic profession and greater access to care for your patients.

SDCA Keeps Everyone Informed

The SDCA always delivers the latest in local, state, and regional chiropractic happenings to your desk. We also keep the world informed of what’s important, we also issue news releases to all news media in the state touting chiropractic benefits and the latest research. As a member, you will receive emails and faxes on a regular basis to keep you informed of what’s happening with our profession.

Education Programs

Education programs are offered once a year at the annual Super Conference along with various opportunities throughout the year. Many qualify as continuing education credit, while others are geared toward practice management and enhancement. Our SDCA district meetings provide another opportunity to keep you informed, obtain continuing education and network with peers.

Best Practices Academy Benefit Program

Joining the SDCA also gives you membership in the Best Practices Academy Benefit program which includes, among other resources, access to a library of online courses and six free Online CE credits.  Click here to learn what else is included…

Legal Action

The SDCA continually monitors legal issues of importance to the profession. When necessary, the SDCA takes action to protect the interests of the practitioner.

Legislative Action

The SDCA has a full time lobbyist to pass legislation favorable to Chiropractors. Our lobbyist also monitors the legislative climate in South Dakota and represents your interests. The SDCA also works hard on chiropractic issues and benefits at the grassroots level and in the Legislature. Significant strides for the profession have been made through our effective legislative program.

Public Relations & Marketing

SDCA develops PR materials and marketing tools to assist the doctor’s personal and practice success, at reduced or no cost. On behalf of its members the SDCA develops and utilizes progressive advertising campaigns that cover the entire state.

Free List Serve Membership

The SDCA list serve is a great tool for communication between members. You can send out one email and it will be sent to every member on the list serve. Members, in turn can reply to your email and it will go to everyone on the list serve. It is a great resource for you and your staff for any questions you may have, or to disseminate information on current events, articles, etc.

NEW This Year! Online CA Programs

Contact the SDCA for more information.

Thank you for your investment in the SDCA. For your records, please note that the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 states that association dues used for lobbying are not deductible as business expenses. As a result, for dues collected in 2016, 26 percent of your dues are not deductible.

Lobbying – Insurance Relations – Legal Action – Communication – Marketing – Education – Camaraderie And Much More

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