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For Employers

For Employers

Employers Should Take Note of Chiropractic Effectiveness

When an employee hurts their back, your company suffers, too. Lost productivity, lost time, lost wages and medical expenses are costly. The cost of back pain to employers is astronomical. In 1990, more than $20 billion was spent in the United States on direct medical costs for treating lower back pain. Lost productivity increased the amount of losses to $50 billion.

Fewer Disability Claims

Employers should take note of this: On a national and state level, documentation show that employees file fewer disability claims after chiropractic treatment than after medical treatment. Employees treated by chiropractors also have less time off work per injury than employees treated by other medical providers. Chiropractic care is a cost and time effective alternative to traditional medical care for back injuries.

Cost Effective

A 1991 study published in the Utah Journal of Occupational Medicine compared chiropractic and medical care of the same diagnosis and found chiropractic care was 73 percent more cost effective per case in a study that examined over 3,000 cases.
In Victoria, Australia, a one-year study of all workplace injuries involving back pain compared chiropractic and medical care and concluded that patients receiving chiropractic care required fewer compensation days to recover.

“The average total insurance payment for a medical managed episode is $1,020, virtually double the $518 for the average chiropractic episode.” Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Manga P. (2000)

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