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ICA Update 3-30-2020
I wanted to bring this chance for continuing Ed put on by the ICA to your attention. We have time on our hands, put it to good use.
It has come to my attention that Google is not processing reviews so this is not the  time to try  to get practice members to write you a review! Google is unable to have live bodies assess the reviews  & they do not trust their artificial intelligence methods of assessing reviews.
The ICA’s lobbyist worked with the IHPC in formulating the part of the stimulus bill relating to research funds. Beth made sure that research funds would be available for Chiropractic specific and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).
The ICA will continue to work on the next round of stimulus, concentrating on filling the gaps where Chiropractic providers are treated differently or excluded. Areas the ICA will addressing : student loan forgiveness for DC’s,  and  small business grants rather than loans.
I always try and keep my remarks brief but there’s one more thing I must add.
We have all heard the phrase “don’t let a crisis go to waste“ …. It appears that
the same forces that lead to the Wilkes et al lawsuit are still hard at work.
Last week I shared with you the ICA‘s immune function report. It shared some research articles that showed how chiropractic adjustments improve markers used to assess immune function. I mentioned the fact that The WFC had published a statement stating there was no research to show that a chiropractic adjustment had any influence on the human immune system.
There is a growing movement in the international community to reduce Chiropractic to a mechanistic treatment, rather than a vitalistic type of healthcare. This division is more noticeable in the Canadian portion of North America than it is here in the United States.
Now there is  a website circulating mis- information about Chiropractic!!
It’s hard to tell who is behind it it appears to be a group of an identified researchers with no authority.
On the site they claim that chiropractors like myself that do not conform with their way of thinking are “chiropractors on the wrong side of the scientific consensus”.
I would like to remind everyone that consensus is the lowest form of scientific validation.
If you would like to see the latest attack on Chiropractic go to:
If you do not approve of this website and would like to help beat the people behind it in the war of ideas. I urge you to go to Chiropractic.organd join the ICA.
The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is committed to providing reliable information about chiropractic care as well as clarifying misinformation that may cause confusion. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the public’s need for accurate information to make good choices for themselves and the health and safety of their families has never been greater.
The claims of some in the profession that spinal adjustments can boost immunity and decrease the risk of contracting COVID-19 are misleading. While spinal adjustments are effective for a number of conditions, there is no quality evidence to support that they can improve immunity to COVID-19.
Healthcare professionals should maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct at all times, and they should comply with all governmental jurisdictional rules and regulations. Misleading statements about spinal adjustments that raise false expectations regarding immunity to COVID-19 in communications with patients and in marketing materials to the public are not acceptable. Such claims may be a violation of a state’s chiropractic practice act.
As portal-of-entry healthcare providers, doctors of chiropractic provide essential care, and are educated and licensed to diagnose, treat, and co-manage patients. Our doctors work in private practices, multi-disciplinary clinics and hospitals. ACA has urged all chiropractors to closely monitor state and local health authorities and to comply with any relevant guidance or mandates.
It is ACA’s mission to inspire and empower our members to elevate the health and wellness of their communities. We are working to coordinate information and guidance from multiple credible sources and partners for use by doctors of chiropractic and their clinics throughout the country, while also monitoring communications channels and providing the public with reliable information about chiropractic care. In difficult times such as now, it is powerful to have this community of peers working together to protect and serve our patients, staff, families and communities.
ACA Board of Governors

Mental health information and resources for caregivers, families and children under the ‘For Patients’ section of and on
Due to the coronavirus, there is a critical need for blood. Learn more from the American Red Cross, including where to donate.

ACA continues to coordinate information from multiple sources and partners for use by doctors of chiropractic and their offices throughout the country during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Please refer to ACA’s COVID-19 resource page at for constantly updated information, guidance and resources from trusted sources.
As always, thank you to our members, who continue to support and educate one another during this challenging time.


Good morning, everyone!

I hope you are all hanging in there with changes coming at you by the minute. I wanted to let you know that all of the webinars for this week are being recorded, that anyone is able to access the recording and you are free to share the recording links, as well as the registration links with your providers. I just wanted to reassure each of you that you don’t need to request permission, as all of this information is for you and your docs! Additionally, a few of our preferred partners in chiropractic have stepped up to provide free services to help the profession easily navigate these changes. WebEx is offering its services for free for 30 days to assist docs transitioning to Telehealth services and CashPractice is offering their Drip Marketing software at no charge through the end of May to help with patient communication. These have been added to the bottom of our resource page.

Kristi Hudson, CPCO
ChiroHealth USA

Our line up of webinars this week are listed below.

COVID-19 NCMIC Answers Your Questions
Mon 3/30/2020 ● 3:00 pm ET
Hosted by NCMIC
Members of the NCMIC leadership team will come together to talk about the topics we know matter to you, including:

  • Risk management policy coverage and recent changes
  • Telemedicine
  • Best practices if you’re seeing clients in your office and a number of other things.

Registration Link: 

Exposure to COVID-19 in the Practice: What should I do?
Wed 4/01/2020 ● 3:00 pm ET
Hosted by CHUSA
Presenter: Dr. Scott Munsterman

  • What is required of my practice when a patient has a positive screening or test for COVID-19?
  • How should I respond if a patient has been determined to have COVID-19 and they have been in my office?
  • What are the levels of risk I need to be aware of as COVID-19 spreads?
  • Exposure to COVID-19 in the practice is here – but how should you respond?

Joins us for answers to these questions and more.
Registration Link:

On the Other Side of Chaos
Thu 4/02/2020 ● 1:00 pm ET
Hosted by Dr. Alan Bergquist
Presented by: Dr. Larry Markson, Dr. Damon Walton, Dr. Bart Anderson, Dr. Danny Drubin, Dr. Alan Bergquist, Dr. David Neubauer

Registration Link:

Join six of the top chiropractic business consultants as they discuss how to navigate the challenges we all face personally and professionally.

  • Recreating Your Vision
  • Learn how to maintain a “future orientation” on a new vision for the future on the far side of the current challenges
  • Strategic Navigation
  • Thinking strategically, rather than reactively as you navigate through the next several months
  • Leading Through Change
  • Discover methods to not only deal with the changes ahead but also LEAD others through them as well (at home and at work)

Show Me the Money!
Thu 4/02/2020 ● 3:00 pm ET
Hosted by CHUSA
Presenter: Dr. Ray Foxworth
The Government is here to help YOU! – No, Really!
Where Do I Even Begin?
Join Dr. Ray Foxworth and his guests to review the steps and strategies to get back on sound financial footing after COVID-19.

Registration Link:


Implementing Telehealth for Chiropractic

This course will address the following as it relates to implementing telehealth for chiropractic:


Join us in this free webinar

“Exposure to COVID-19 in the Practice: What should I do?”


NCMIC Resources


ChiroHealth USA Recorded Webinars link:


3-27-2020 ACA Update

My friends, hope you are all well and stay that way.

Last night I sat in on a conference call with the ACA concerning the covid 19 virus and their response and work on our behalf. To start a good source for information you should check out is
The ACA on our behalf is working hard on midterm and long term strategies for this crisis. Several issues were discussed that I would like to briefly comment on.
1. The Barrase/Bennet amendment that would include Chiropractors as those who would qualify for a grant for payroll relief from January 1 to April 1 of this year. Unfortunately we did not make it into this version of the relief package. There will be multiple covid bills coming down the pike and ACA will be working to get this in future bills.
2. Student loans have been deferred to September 1st. For now that only is for federally owned loans. ACA is working to extend the Sept 1st date out and to include private loans.
3. There is a lot of information going about concerning the SBA loans. There is information about this on the ACA website listed above. If considering this you may want to talk with your accountant about it and get their advice. There was some confussion as to if this would cover your own salary as well as rent, employee pay and benefits, etc. I heard comments both ways. Maybe some of you have more information, please share.
4.There is a big push for increasing Telemedicine. The ACA is contacting the appropriate entities and encouraging the inclusion of Chiropractic in this. They recommend if you do any of these services to bill for them but understand you may not get paid but it shows that we do them. I am not sure on South Dakotas protocols for this. Again may be some of you know more about this than I do. Please share.
5.  “Essential” providers. Currently in SD I believe we are considered essential and Dr. Stotz and the SDCA have worked to make that clear. We are not labeled as such however at this time on the national list. The ACA is working with the Dept. of Health and Human Services to include chiropractic. We have physician level status and our role is to take the burden off medical care facilities. This is an important point to use when dealing with local councils when they are looking at shut downs.
6. Medicare bill. Prognosis of this is unsure. We are not giving up and it is alive and we are pushing forward. In these chaotic times it is hard to predict how this will go. Gaining full scope may be something that is included, or reassured in a future covid bill and that may help us. It is still key to get cosponsors and Rep. Dusty Johnson so far has not joined that group. I hope you all are still contacting him asking him to cosponsor HR3654
The ACA has sent a letter to VP Pence offering chiropractic services to help in this crisis. They continue to support the payroll 50% tax decrease. All this to say the ACA is very active every day staying up to date on the issues and is looking out for us. please use there website to keep updated.
Barry Winkler, DC
Your ACA delegate for South Dakota

Best Practices for Keeping Your Patients and Office Safe. Please note these are recommendations, but not all inclusive.

  • When scheduling and/or confirming patients, ask patients to stay home and contact their primary care physician if they have a respiratory illness, fever or if they have traveled in the past 14 days and reschedule once they have the all clear from their physician.
  • Adhere to CDC guidelines to prevent infections
  • Tell staff who are sick to stay home.
  • Schedule patient appointments and staff so you don’t have more than 10 people in the office at one time.
  • Once patients arrive:
  • Take their temperature (best practice is that the doctor or CA taking temperature should wear mask and gloves); if they have an elevated temperature, send them home with the COVID-19 hotline number: 1-800-997-2880
  • Ask them to sanitize their hands before entering the building and after their appointment
  • Ensure they sit at least six feet apart in the waiting room, OR
  • Bring patients back to a room immediately, OR
  • Ask patients to wait in their car until the doctor is ready for them, then alert them via cell phone to come in
  • Disinfect treatment tables after each patient (preferably in front of the patient, so the see you are disinfecting it) and high touch areas regularly. The CDC does not have specific sanitizing information for healthcare providers, but does offer these suggestions for disinfecting homes with patients who have COVID-19:
  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Gloves should be discarded after each cleaning. If reusable gloves are used, those gloves should be dedicated for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for COVID-19 and should not be used for other purposes. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfection products used. Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.
  • If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.
  • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective.
  • Diluted household bleach solutions can be used if appropriate for the surface. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application and proper ventilation. Check to ensure the product is not past its expiration date. Never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser. Unexpired household bleach will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted.
  • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing:
  • 5 tablespoons (1/3rdcup) bleach per gallon of water or
  • 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water
  • Products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims are expected to be effective against COVID-19 based on data for harder to kill viruses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products (e.g., concentration, application method and contact time, etc.).

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