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Communication System

Communication System

Four types of doctors that are our target:

  1. Existing members
  2. New doctors (first year licensee)
  3. Reactivations (doctors who have been members and for some reason quit)
  4. Doctors who have never been members

Once the new docs finish their first year as members of the SDCA they will either move to category #1 existing members or #3 reactivation category.  If they enter the third year of being licensed they will ender category #4 above.  

The executive director will keep an excel spreadsheet to represent the different types of categories of doctors and will make changes as they take place.  

Post Card/Email System: Accountability Executive Director

  1. Existing members will receive two postcards and two emails per year that are geared to say thank you and also talk about the values and benefits of the SDCA.
  2. New members will receive a postcard quarterly for the first year.  They will also be nurtured with the new doctor committee.  
  3. Reactivations will receive two postcards along with two emails per year that are geared to encourage them to consider rejoining and the value they will receive.  
  4. Doctors who have never been members will receive one postcard and one email per year encouraging them to become members and telling them about the benefits of being a member.  

All licensed doctors will receive in addition to the above postcards and emails all marketing materials for the Super Conference.  

Board Communication System: Accountability Current Board Members

The executive director will keep an excel spreadsheet that lists all the current board members.  The executive director will designate one month per year to each of the the directors in which they will be responsible for emailing a message out to the membership. Each message will go out by the 17th of each month and will contain the following content:

  1. Current Events
  2. Gratitude statement to the members for their investment.
  3. Restate the SDCA Purpose statement of Promote and Protect.
  1.   Site examples of how this is taking place based upon any current events.  

Handwritten Note System: Accountability Current Board Members

Each board member will be responsible for writing one hand written thank you per year to all the SDCA members in their district.  The executive director will provide the excel spreadsheet with the list of doctors in each district.  

Presidents Communication Responsibilities: Accountability Current SDCA President

By the third of each month there will be an email that goes to all members that contains a video update from the President.

Regional Event System: Accountability Current Board Members

  1. One time per year each board member is responsible for organizing and carrying out a regional event.  The purpose of this event is to create comrade amongst our colleagues as well as developing new alliances through sponsorship opportunities  The board member should consider finding a sponsor for one of these events.  Also, consider having an hour or two of continuing education.
  2. The second region event should be the “Legislative Coffee.”  Each of these events will have the same date as the other regions and the messaging will be provided by the executive team in order to have a consistent message throughout our state.  
  3. Legislative Event will be held each year in Pierre.  There will be an opportunity of the doctors to receive two to three hours of continuing education.  At each legislative event in Pierre there will be a board meeting and update from our President and Lobbyist.  We will then enjoy time with our state senators and representatives.  At each event we will have tables labeled with the individual districts in order to direct our lawmakers and doctors from those districts to the appropriate areas.  
  4. Super Conference:  One “big sexy” seminar per year.  There will be 25 free seminar invitations to be given by current board members to potential members to attend the Super Conference at no charge.

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